About General Polymer

"General Polimer is a Turkey-based plastic polymer solution company. We provide our customers with quality plastic raw materials sourced from different regions of Turkey and the world.

Recognizing the importance of stable production, we offer a wide range of services including original polymers, masterbatch groups, and recycling groups.

With a customer satisfaction-oriented approach, we aim to become a leader in the industry.

Our Mission

To respond to customer needs with cost-effective and fast supply, ensure stability in production, and lead the industry. We strive to instill confidence in our partners in terms of cost, quality, and supply.

Our Vision

To meet the needs of all manufacturers as a reliable supply source, continuously improve our product portfolio and add value to our customers' products. Additionally, we aim to provide customers with a traceable and integrated production understanding.

Our Values

Mutual trust and transparent relationships, quality products and production, and continuous improvement through sharing knowledge and experience.